Fiji-born, America-raised, and currently working in Tokyo. Teresa loves checking out new spots, even if it’s an hour away.

The complete guide to furusato nozei (one stop system)

Use Furusato Nozei to “Reduce” Your Taxes: One Stop System

Here’s the complete guide for using Furusato Nozei’s One Stop process, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of this unique tax system.
A box of Japanese snacks

Japanese Snacks in a Box: TokyoTreat

Want to indulge in Japanese snacks? Get a box of them sent straight to you without the hassle of jumping on a plane to Tokyo.
A lamp

Sexual Assault or Rape in Japan: How to Seek Help

If you’re a survivor of sexual assault or rape in Japan, there are options for you. You may report it and/or seek support from organizations.
A woman laying down with the text "Everything You Should Know" on her arm

Getting miraDry in Japan | Everything You Should Know

If you’re like me, you understand what I mean by sweat waterfall. With the summer right around the corner, I decided to permanently reduce underarm sweat with miraDry.
Sazenka, the newest Tokyo restaurant to earn 3 Michelin stars

Tokyo Sees 212 Michelin Starred Restaurants in 2021

Tokyo Sees 212 Michelin Starred Restaurants The word is outーTokyo is the reigning city with the most Michelin starred restaurants […]
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