Anata no Warehouse – The Kowloon City Themed Arcade

A strange and fun dystopian arcade

Anata no Warehouse

Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM–11:45PM; Sat-Sun 7AM–11:45PM (4th floor open 24/7)
Price: Free Entrance
Address: 3-7 Nisshincho, Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture 210-0024

Not just a run-down building

Anata no Warehouse (あなたのウェアハウス) is a dystopian entertainment arcade that houses five stories of fun.  From the outside, the building looks like it’s from a deserted, cyberpunk wasteland. But that’s not going to stop you. Located just outside of Tokyo in Kawasaki, Anata no Warehouse is one of the top attractions in Kawasaki, especially if you like games or amusement parks.

A Kowloon-inspired interior

The interior of the arcade is styled after the famous Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong. It was notorious for being an ungoverned settlement and a hub for gambling, prostitution, drug dealing, and all sorts of crime. You’ll get this vibe throughout the arcade. Evidently, Kowloon was a primary source of creative inspiration. The place is pretty compact too. If you skip playing the games, you can explore Anata no Warehouse in about 20-30 minutes.

The first and second floors emulate the dilapidated architecture of Kowloon so well that the intentionally designed dirt, rust, and filth feels almost too real. Even the bathrooms on some floors look like they have not been cleaned in decades… yet are surprisingly clean once you look closer.

There are no entrance fees for admission, so the cost of visiting Anata no Warehouse is just whatever you want to spend on games. Game pricing is typical to most other arcades but there are also darts, pool tables, ping pong and pachinko style games on the upper floors.  There are no age restrictions to enter, and most of the floors are family friendly. What better way to spend a lazy weekend?

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