Afuri Ramen

Afuri Ramen

A Distinct Yuzu flavored Ramen

Afuri is a popular Ramen chain known for its signature Yuzu flavored ramen adding a distinct citrus flavor to your bowl. The broth is generally lighter and less salty than other ramen places such as Ichiran and leaves room for mild citrusy/sour taste. You’ll also be able to select from different toppings of meat to add your bowl including a char grilled chashu, kakuni pork, and sou-vide chicken.

Most Afuri locations have english translation menus to help you with your order along with the standard ticket vending machine for ordering. You can select from multiple flavors of broth with or without the Yuzu citrus flavor added, Tsukemen style dipping noodles, and even a Vegan option of Ramen. Sides of mini donburi bowls and extra toppings are also available.

Afuri Ramen - Ticket Vending Machine
Order your ramen with options using the ticket vending machine

With multiple locations throughout Tokyo, you can generally get a seat without waiting too long if you avoid the lunch and dinner rush hours. As with most Ramen restaurants, seating is generally limited to bar or counter seating so coming with large groups is not advised.

Afuri Ramen Info

Hours: 11am – 8pm Daily
Price: 980 – 1,480 Yen ($9-$14 USD)

Tokyo Locations

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