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Learning Japanese without Anime or Manga

Learning Japanese without Anime or Manga

So you are learning Japanese without anime or manga. Sounds daunting, but there are still many ways to make sure you are getting input.

The Best Japan

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Ditch the typical tourist experience. Find places and activities suited to you. For our Otaku Friends

Doll Point Akihabara cat maid

Doll Point Akihabara

Doll Point Akihabara ー The perfect place to find doll parts and see professionally made dolls for enthusiasts!

A box of Japanese snacks

Japanese Snacks in a Box: TokyoTreat

Want to indulge in Japanese snacks? Get a box of them sent straight to you without the hassle of jumping on a plane to Tokyo.

Walking Gundam in Yokohama

Walking Gundam in Yokohama

Want to see an 18-meter tall Gundam in Yokohama as it moves? This walking statue really does bring new light to Japan’s cultural attractions.