12.20-04.05 TYPE-MOON Museum Fate/stay night 15th Celebration Project

Celebrate 15 years of Fate/stay night at the TYPE-MOON MUSEUM in Roppongi, Tokyo

15 years have passed since Fate/stay night was released on January 30, 2004. Immerse yourself in the world of TYPE-MOON at this exhibit, spanning three parts over several months. It’ll be held in the Sony Music Roppongi Museum, in Roppongi Hills. Tickets are now on sale for the first part, “Fate,” running from 12/20-1/20.

What’s Fate/stay night?

Fate/stay night is a PC game by TYPE-MOON, which was released on January 30, 2004. Since then, they followed up with a fan disc, “Fate/hollow ataraxia” in 2005, followed by the anime Fate/stay night in 2006. There was a movie in 2010, and a second anime in 2014, as well as a third movie in 2017. There’s a huge fandom around it.

Exhibit Schedule

The Fate/stay exhibit will be in three parts, outlined below.


2019.12.20 (Fri.) ~ 2020.1.20 (Mon.)

2.“Unlimited Blade Works”

2020.1.23 (Thu.) ~ 2020.2.24 (Mon.)

3.“Heaven’s Feel”

2020.2.27 (Thu.) ~ 2020.4.5 (Sun.)

Prices & Getting Tickets

For this exhibit, the prices are a bit cheaper if you buy them in advance. In advance tickets are 2,300 yen, while it’s 2,500 yen at the door.

You can get tickets in advance at Lawson Ticket.

Another little 15th anniversary extra: Fate song material is on sale 12/18/2019!

They’re also releasing a special CD for all 26 of their Fate series OP/ED songs. Pretty cool. Get the details on their official site.

TYPE-MOON Museum Fate/stay night 15th Celebration Project

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3 thoughts on “12.20-04.05 TYPE-MOON Museum Fate/stay night 15th Celebration Project”

  1. I was planning to get the tickets in advance until i saw your post that says I can buy them in person. Will the museum ticket not sell out like the studio ghibli museum??

    1. Hi Hao! Yeah, their official site says you can get tickets at the door, but since it’s time-specific reservations, I assume it’s one of the more popular ones that they expect will fill up. If you’re able to get tickets in advance, I highly recommend it. (That said, I don’t expect these events to fill up as fast as the Ghibli Museum – that one is special, kind of similar to Sushi Jiro.)

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