12.14 47 Ronin Samurai Parade – 赤穂義士祭 2019

You might have heard about the 47 ronin before. It is one or maybe the most famous (?) Japanese tale about honor and loyalty. This parade honors the 47 samurai and the master whose death they avenged 300 years ago. The killing of Kira will be enacted and you will see one of the 47 ronin caring sth. on a pole in a bag (take a guess what’s inside…), but other than there is not much action. Still, it is very recommended if you are into Japanese culture, as all places are real (even the graves. as well as the well where they washed Kira’s head)

On the day of the parade, there will be also food stalls serving okonomiyaki, takoyaki and other Japanese food.



11時 墓前供養 浅野長矩公之墓所
12時 献茶式 東阿部流献茶式(本堂)
献茶式引き続き 義士追善供養(本堂)

Organizer and contact: http://www.sengakuji.or.jp/about_sengakuji_en/

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