10.03-11.04 Dai Tsukemen Haku 2019 Ramen Festival

Dai Tsukemen Haku 2019

Craving ramen? Come out for Nisshin’s month-long ramen festival, Dai Tsukemen Haku 2019! This ramen festival features a different menu every day. Compared to Tokyo Ramen Show 2019 out in Komazawa Olympic Park, Dai Tsukemen Haku 2019 is hosted in a smaller location in Shinjuku. That might make it a great choice for weekday lunch.


Featuring 100 popular ramen shops in Japan, Dai Tsukemen Haku’s offerings are diverse. Rather than just doing ramen, we see tsukemen (dipping noodles with soup on the side) and mazemen (less soupy noodles) as fun alternatives. Each bowl costs 870 yen. And if you expect to come out often, you might want to try their 8,000 yen pack for 10 bowls.

There are many more on the official site. You can browse by date, so you’ll know what’s up for grabs when you go.

Getting Tickets

At Dai Tsukemen Haku 2019, it’ll be cash-only without any pre-sales tickets at the convenience stores. There will usually be a little booth inside the park, so stop by there, buy some tickets, and start lining up for ramen.

From my experience with similar festivals, shoot for 11:30am or 4pm to miss any massive Tokyo crowd (that is, if you have a flexible schedule). This is central Shinjuku, after all, and you’ll probably see a flood of people at the 12pm mark.

Dai Tsukemen Haku 2019 Ramen Festival

Hours: 11am – 9pm
Price: 870 yen per bowl or 10 bowls for 8,000 yen
Address: Shinjuku Okubo Park, 2-43 Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0021
Website: https://dai-tsukemen-haku.com/

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