10.25 Shibuya Halloween Festival

Shibuya Halloween Festival 2019

The biggest & craziest event in Tokyo 2019 is without a doubt Halloween in Shibuya! Let’s make it a great experience for everybody!

Halloween drinking ban info:
In this FB event we will inform you in which areas there is a ban, but also where you -can- drink alcohol. Most importantly, let’s show Tokyo, that last year’s vandalism by a few was just an exception.

If you support Tokyo and also want to make this event a good experience, let’s all work together and spread the word.

Organizer and contact (Japanese): www.facebook.com/pg/mitakanomorifes/

via Tokyo’s Festivals:
Tokyo’s Festivals presents an overview on Tokyo’s great festivals (mostly free festivals about food, culture, fireworks and music), so that more people find out about Tokyo’s best events. If you are interested in festivals in Tokyo, feel free to visit and like their page (Link: fb.com/TokyosFestivals) and follow their instagram (Link: instagram.com/tokyosfestivals).

Mitaka Park

Dates: Oct 20, 2019 10:30am – 5pm
Address: Shimo-Renjaku 1-chome-1, Mitaka City, Toyko
Website: www.facebook.com/pg/mitakanomorifes/

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