10.24-11.4 Tokyo Ramen Show 2019

Tokyo Ramen Show 2019

Come one, come all, to Tokyo’s favorite ramen bonanza, Tokyo Ramen Show! Held at Komazawa Olympic Park, Tokyo Ramen Show 2019 boasts contenders from across Japan. This time, they’ll have 36 types of ramen across two rounds, the first from 10/24-29, and the second 10/30-11/4. Which ramen will be your favorite?


Here’s a small sampling of Tokyo Ramen Show’s many ramen bowls. The availability will vary depending on which day you go, since there are two rounds of ramen. Each bowl is 800 yen.

The portions at Tokyo Ramen Show aren’t huge, though — it’s meant to be more of a sampler of the ramen stores’ main dishes. I wouldn’t expect to be too full after a bowl. Because the lines can get very long, especially on weekends, it might make sense to come in a group.

Getting Tickets

It’s free to come see the ramen, but the food isn’t free. You can purchase individual ramen tickets (800 yen + tax) or buy a 10-ramen ticket (8500 yen), great if you’re going in a group or just have a large appetite for ramen.

You can get tickets in advance with Seven Ticket. I’ve been a couple of times, and from my experience, you’ll be waiting in line for a bit to get your ramen, so might as well cut the part where you wait in line to buy tickets.

Tokyo Ramen Show 2019

Hours: 10am – 9pm
Price: 800 yen + tax, per ramen bowl (~$8)
Address: 1-1 Komazawakoen, Setagaya City, Tokyo 154-0013
Website: http://www.ramenshow.com/

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  1. Sweet. Im looking foward to the ramen and thanks to this page i saw there is a gyoza festival as well. We traveled from California to eat ramen.

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