10.12-10.20 – Meikoi Roman Hyakkaten – Meiji Tokyo Renka at Animate Ikebukuro

Otome Game Series Meiji Tokyo Renka (Meikoi) is at Animate Ikebukuro

Animate Ikebukuro is doing a mini event, Meikoi Roman Hyakkaten, featuring the popular otome series, Meiji Tokyo Renka (Meikoi)! Grattes (graphic lattes), cookies, goods, and more will be available on the 8th floor. For those who aren’t familiar, Meikoi is a rom-com otome game set in Meiji era Tokyo, featuring anime versions of famous people of the era. Full disclosure: I’m a huge fan of this series and am so psyched that it’s getting more attention these days. 😀

Meiji Tokyo Renka Gratte “Graphic Lattes,” printed cookies, and more

Animate is serving “Grattes,” lattes with your favorite character printed on the cream, as well as icing cookies with the same designs. It’s 550 yen per gratte, and 500 yen per cookie. More details are on the official Gratte page. There’s no reservation necessary, thankfully.

Meikoi Goodies Galore

And since this is Animate, that means all the themed goods. New badges for your backpack? They got that covered. Here’s a small sampling. The theme this time around is reading and autumn. And glasses. Of course.

Meiji Tokyo Renka Meikoi badges
Meiji Tokyo Renka Meikoi bookmarks

Meikoi Roman Hyakkaten – Animate Ikebukuro

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