03.08 Mount Takao Fire Walking Festival – 高尾山火渡り祭 2020 (Canceled)

Update: This event has been canceled due to the coronavirus.

Ever wanted to see people walking barefoot through fire? The fire walking (Hiwatari) festival is an annual event on the second Sunday of March and consists of a large open-air fire ritual called Saito Goma-ku. It is held in the open area in front of the Kito-den Hall at the foot of Mount Takao.

As though it were by the hands of Izuna Daigongen, worshippers rub their bodies with sticks called nadegi, which are later thrown into the flames. When the fire dies down, yamabushi and participants walk barefoot over the hot coals, praying for protection against sickness and calamity and for safety within the family. The flames are considered to purify people by burning all defilements away.

To get there, the best is to arrive at Takaosanguchi Station via the Keio Line from Shinjuku Station. It takes approximately 1 hour and costs ¥390.

Venue: Takaosan Car Park next to the station




会場: 自動車祈祷殿広場

Organizer and contact (Japanese): https://www.takaosan.or.jp/taiken/hiwatari.html

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Takaosanguchi Station

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