The Final Fantasy VII Remake is getting a special collab at Square Enix Cafe!

Final Fantasy VII Remake Cafe - Japan

The long-awaited FF7 remake is finally coming, and to celebrate, Square Enix Cafe Tokyo and Osaka, as well as ARTNIA, is dishing out a special FF7-themed menu! The Final Fantasy VII Remake Cafe is happening 2/8 – 4/24/2020, and will be the first collab cafe at the Square Enix Cafe Tokyo since its renovation. Because it’s happening over a couple of months, the menu will change partially, so that it might be worth checking out a second time.

They take reservations, but you can also try your luck by stopping by. When we went, it was pretty easy to get in. The Square Enix Cafe Tokyo location is right by Akihabara Station.

This is one of several FF7 Remake promotional collabs, which also include the Skytree in Midgar event.

Keep reading for menus, reservation info, merch, and more. We also visited! Read our review here.

Food & Desserts

FF7-themed food! These below will be available throughut the whole event. Lots of references to Aeris here.

These will be available for only the first round, from Feb 8 – Mar 17.

Apparently the Yakiniku Set is one of those things you can eat somewhere in Wall Street… they give you a screenshot to remind you. The Risotto is based on the redness of Reno’s hair. And of course – Materia soup dumplings, anyone? (Will I be able to cast a spell if I eat one….?)

And finally, these will come in to replace the ones above for the second round, Mar 18 – Apr 24.

The Sashimi Set is on a similar vein as the Yakiniku Set in the previous round. It seems like Wall Mart also sold Yakisoba. Seventh Heaven’s Eggs & Chips are here for your tasting, and a cute little Moogle dessert will also be available.


You’ll find a collection of fun character-themed drinks at the FF7 Remake Cafe. They’ll have a few of the main guys and girls (Cloud, Sephiroth, Aeris, and Tifa) turned into drinks, available throughout the event.

During the first part of the event, you’ll be able to taste some Mako reactor. Also, the Shinra Company gets alcohol. Yup, adulting.

The drinks above will be replaced with a Midgar drink and a pink Don Corneo drink from 3/18 to 4/24. You’ll receive a random number for the Midgar one, from 01 ~ 08.

Free Goodies with Your Order

What’s a collab cafe without some free goodies? For every food item, you’ll get one luncheon mat at random. You can also get a free random coaster for every drink item (including takeout) ordered.

If you go to two of the three cafes (and order more than 1,000 yen per place), you can also get a special coaster. It’s technically doable if you’re just in Tokyo – Square Enix Cafe (Akihabara) and ARTNIA (Shinjuku)!

FF7 Remake Cafe Merch Corner

There’s some pretty cool new merch available for FF7 fans being sold at the cafe. Seems like you don’t need to eat here to buy them either, so if you’re only here to buy a Shinra jacket, just come on by. No reservation required.

Getting a Reservation

You can get a reservation on the Square Enix Cafe website, or on their app. It costs 1,000 yen to get a reservation.

You’ll need a Japanese address and phone number to sign up, though, so if that’s an issue, you can try getting seats on the spot. If there are seats available, they’ll let you in. (That said, you might want to manage your expectations since this is Tokyo, and this is FF7.)

Get a reservation here or read the full details here.

Here’s what it looks like to reserve on their app.

Our Visit to the FF7 Remake Cafe

We got a reservation for the Square Enix Cafe through their app, and off we went! There was already a line out the door for people waiting to get in, but there seemed to be plenty of space for walk-ins.

The interior was done pretty well, with large spreads of the main characters all over the walls. They had cool clips of the new game playing on giant monitors, with some FF7 orchestral music in the background. Walking around, you can also check out some key pieces of art from the game, framed on the walls.

The Food & Drink

Since we made a reservation for two, we got two free drinks! You’re able to choose them at the door when they let you in. So, for starters, we got the Cloud and Sephiroth drinks.

They came with some cool coasters, which were pretty good quality. Nice and thick, probably able to withstand some actual water.

For food, we tried the Materia Xiao Long Bao, Moogle Sweet Bean Bun, and Square Enix Cafe’s fries with dip. The soup dumplings were all different flavors, which was fun. The Moogle bun was a regular steamed bun with decorations on it. Still cute. The fries were surprisingly good, perhaps because of the fried batter on them.

Unfortunately, a lot of the food menu was sold out when we went. Our reservation was at 7pm. Maybe try going earlier if there’s a specific dish you want to try.

That said, the food itself wasn’t as amazing as a lot of the food in Tokyo. It might be good not to expect too much, since the company that runs the cafe (Pasela Resorts) is a party food chain, not exactly a gourmet food restaurant.

The Square Enix Cafe Shop

The merch corner is right next to the cafe, and separate from it, hence accessible from the outside without a cafe reservation. There’s some cute stuff in here, so come check it out if you’re in Akihabara.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Cafe at Square Enix Cafe & ARTNIA

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