02.06-04.22 Skytree in Midgar FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE (Currently Closed)

Tokyo Skytree is doing a special light-up and event for the FF7 Remake

Tokyo Skytree is FF7-themed this spring of 2020, as the long-awaited remake is finally coming! Skytree in Midgar Final Fantasy VII Remake is an exhibition on the Tembo Galleria of Tokyo Skytree (450m). You’ll need to get a ticket to go up the Skytree, but there’s no other ticket required. You’ll find an FF7 cafe inside the Skytree as well as original goodies, an exhibit, photo spot, and more.

This follows suit with the Final Fantasy VII Remake Cafe at the Square Enix Cafes in Tokyo and Osaka.

Skytree in Midgar

FF7 Remake Exhibit

There’s a lot of exclusive video screening going on in the Tokyo Skytree, as well as fun props all around.

You’ll also find a photo spot, where you can get photoshopped in with an FF7 character. You can pose next to Cloud, Sephiroth, Tifa, Aerith, or Barrett. It costs 1,800 yen for the full set of goodies, but it’s free to just take a photo.

Skytree Cafe FF7 Collab Menu

At the Skytree Cafe, they’re offering a small collab menu as well. The only food item is a black curry (1,300 yen), and the rest are drinks (900 yen).

You’ll be able to get a special coaster per item ordered as well. Pretty cool.

Special Skytree Light-Up

And of course, if you’re just passing by, you can check out the Skytree with its special coloring, reminiscent of Midgar’s Mako reactors.

Getting Tickets

You’ll need to purchase a ticket to the Skytree Tembo Galleria (450m) to get in, but no other ticket is required for this event. If you know when you’d like to go, it’s cheaper to get an advance ticket. Otherwise, you can get them at the door.

Get an advance ticket here.

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