01.31-02.02 Shimokitazawa Tengu Matsuri / Goblin Festival – 下北沢天狗まつり 2020

Come by Shimokitazawa Tengu Matsuri for an cool cultural experience. Main parade on Saturday, February 1, 2020, 1:30pm – 4:00pm.

If you are into lots of bean throwing (for good luck) and goblins / Tengu, this is a very interesting festival in the center of Tokyo. Tengu are supernatural creatures that appear in Japanese folklore. They are seen as protective or guardian spirits to be respected, if not somewhat feared.

At Setsubun, beans are traditionally scattered as a way of expelling bad luck while people shout “Oni-wa-soto!” or “Demons outside!” to chase away evil spirits. However, at the Shimokitazawa Tengu Festival we scatter the beans while saying “Fuku-wa-uchi” or “Good Luck/Fortune inside” three times and never say “Demons outside”. The reason behind this is that it is believed that evil naturally dissipates in an atmosphere that is full of happiness.

During “Tengu Dochu” parade, staff in large Tengu costumes and Crow Tengu costumes parade through the Shimokitazawa Shopping District while throwing “Fukumame” or “good luck beans.”

There are also events on Friday and Sunday, but the main parade is on Saturday.




主催 / 下北沢一番街商店街振興組合 後援 / 世田谷区


時 間:午後1時30分~午後4時

Organizer and contact (Japanese): www.shimokita-tengu.com
(English & Japanese): http://www.shimokita1ban.com/en/tengu

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